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Ivest  –  The Preferred Retrenchment and Funeral Protection Benefit Scheme

Ivest Retrenchment and Funeral Benefit Plan was developed to provide an affordable benefit when an individual looses his/her job. We understand the challenges in the workplace and the employment environment. We realise that, with daily expenses and the cost of living expenses that just keeps on rising, it is necessary that we spend every cent we have with the utmost of discipline and planning.
We have worked together with labour market experts and the most skilled insurance  professionals to develop a simple yet powerful and affordable insurance product for less then R100 per month. This product gives you a funeral benefit of R18 000 that will pay out on your death. It also provides you with a monthly income of R2000 for 6 months should you be retrenched by your company.
At Cape Investment Advisors we believe to keep things simple. We prefer to develop products according to the needs of an individual and not the needs of a market segment. We believe the individual and his family is the most important people when it comes to the development of products to suit the needs of the market.
We, here at Cape Investment Advisors, specialize in the development of insurance products for the needs that exist in the market. We develop tailor-made products for trade unions (independent and organized trade unions), for groups and for companies irrespective of their size.

Our Products:

Ivest  Individual Retrenchment and Funeral Cover – R99 pm

Retrenchment: Should a member be retrenched by his employer, we will pay him R2 000 per month for 6 months. He/she can use this money to cover the family’s most important needs such as food, transport, school fees, airtime, etc. This will assist the member financially whilst he or she is seeking for a new job.
Funeral Cover: Should the member dies before he become retrenched, we wil pay his family R18 000 for funeral costs. We will also provide transport should the deceased’s body need to be relocated to the place where he is going to be buried. We will also provide transport for a relative to accompany the body of the deceased and we will pay for the person’s overnight accommodation should it be necessary.
Additional Benefits: Legal assistance regarding the funeral procedures; e.g. death certificate, removal of body, etc.

Assistance in the arrangement of a funeral or cremation
Referral to pathologists, if required
Referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist, if required
Referral for special counselling, particularly relating to the loss of a child

Ivest Family Funeral Cover
This plan provides funeral cover for the whole family as well as for extended family members.



Plan A

Plan B

Plan C


R10 000

R15 000

R18 000





Age at entry
















Additional Benefits:
Lion Assist:
Personal Health Advisor
Emergency Medical Services
Legal Assist
Funeral Assistance
Repatriation of mortal remains

Airtime Benefit:
R200 Airtime will be paid to your beneficiary to assist in the burial arrangements and get all affairs in order.


Cape Investment Advisors is an Authorised Financial Services Provider - FSP 11019